How does putting petrol in a diesel vehicle harm your engine?

Putting petrol in your diesel car can be an extremely costly mistake and yet it happens more often than you would think. The important part is to act fast, so if you are located in the Sydney metropolitan area and realise you have put petrol in your diesel engine, contact A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics straight away and we will come to you.

How does it happen?

The petrol pump nozzle fits nicely into the diesel car. Therefore, there is often no alarm bell to tell you are putting in the wrong fuel. Simply not paying complete attention, driving someone else’s car or driving a rental car can all lead to this scenario taking place.

What happens to the vehicle?

When petrol is put into a diesel tank, the mix of the two fuels creates a solvent. This means there is a significant reduction in the lubrication the diesel fuel creates,which can cause damage to the entire fuel system as the components rub against each other. Often for new vehicles, the computer ceases to work until the fuel is pumped out, replaced with the correct fuel and the computer is reset.

What happens if I drive the vehicle?

Hopefully,you will realise you have put the wrong fuel in your car before you turn the engine onbecause if you do start the vehicle there could be significantly more damage done to your car.Once the vehicle is on, the petrol starts running through your engine and mixing with the remaining diesel. This can cause severe problems for the entire fuel system including the filters, pumps and fuel system seals. The longer you drive the vehicle, the more costly the repairs can be.

Why call A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics?

If you have put petrol in your diesel car, then you need to call a mechanic immediately. A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics offers an efficient wrong fuel assist service in the Sydney CBD and Sydney metropolitan area including Sutherland Shire, theSt George area, Northern Beaches, North Shore and the Eastern and Western Suburbs.

As we are mobile, we come to you so there are no expensive towing fees or downtime at a busy mechanical workshop. We will drain the fuel, flush the fuel lines, refuel, reset the computer and assess if there is any damage to the vehicle. So, if you havemisfuelled, don’t delay! Call A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics now on 0415 073 306.

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