Fuel Tank Drain Services


A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics use the latest technology to pump fuel from the tank with 99% being removed. When you are in need of rescue after putting the wrong fuel into your vehicle, you can rely on our talented team of expert mechanics to provide a fast, effective solution.


It is a common error for people to accidentally put the wrong fuel in the tank, but if you act quickly and with the appropriate help from experienced professionals, your car can often be rescued. Most common is injecting petrol in a diesel engine, due to the petrol nozzle fitting comfortable into the car’s diesel fuel filler neck. The important thing to do is realise the mistake as quick as possible. If you haven’t driven your car yet, ensure you don’t even put your key in the ignition, as this action can prime the electric pump and begin circulating the petrol throughout your diesel engine. If you only realise you have put the wrong fuel into your car after the car is already in motion, stop as soon as possible to prevent any more flowing through the engine. Many people panic being so far away from a mechanics, and continue to drive, potentially damaging their vehicle further. With A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics, a licenced mechanic can carry out the procedure anywhere your car is in the Sydney metropolitan.


In some vehicles the engine and computer system will shut down.

The wrong fuel will need to be pumped out and replaced with the correct fuel. Some vehicles will need to be scanned to reset the computer.

By putting petrol into a diesel car, or vice versa, there is serious risk of causing damage to your fuel injection system, which will not be covered by your warranty, or most likely your insurance policy, either. Be sure to contact A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics as soon as possible for our wrong fuel rescue services.

Other fuel tank drain services:

  • To prepare vehicles for export
  • For easy fuel filter replacement

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