It is a common occurrence where petrol is accidently put into a diesel engine, but this simple mistake can have severe consequences for your engine. If you make this mistake, here are the actions you should immediately take.

1. Don’t start the vehicle

If you realise in time that you put the wrong fuel in your tank, it is extremely important that you do not turn on the engine. This can cause significantly more damage to your fuel system and engine if you do. By turning on the vehicle, it will mean the petrol mixes with the diesel left in the tank and begins to flow through your fuel system and engine.

2. Stop driving immediately

If you have started your car and begun driving, you need to stop the vehicle as soon as you realise the error. When you put petrol in a diesel engine the longer you drive the car, the more damage and the further the repairs to the engine you could require.

3. Disconnect the battery

We recommend you disconnect your battery when you realise you’ve made the error and before attempting to move your vehicle if it is still at the bowser. This will help to try avoiding accidently getting the wrong fuel through the fuel system and engine.

4. Advise the petrol station attendant

If you realiseyou have put petrol in your diesel car before starting the engine, we recommend informing the petrol station of your error, paying for your fuel and asking for assistance to push your vehicle to a parking spot so you are not blocking the bowser. Do not start your car to move it!

5. Call A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics

If you are located in the Sydney Metropolitan area, including the Sutherland Shire and St George areas, contact A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics immediately when you realise you’ve put the wrong fuel in. You will avoid expensive towing fees and down time at a workshop as we come to you. We will remove the petrol from the diesel tank; assess any damage that may have occurred to the vehicle and attempt to fix any damage to the fuel system or engine. Don’t delay call A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics today on 0415 073 306