Buying a used car can be a scary experience, because you never know what mechanical problems you’re buying into – and no one wants to be stuck with a lemon! That’s why A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics offer a pre-purchase car inspection to give you a little peace of mind when buying a new car. Here’s why you should get one!

Know what you buy

A thorough inspection of a used car you are thinking of purchasing can be a good way to give you an indication of some of the mechanical problems you may face with the vehicleand may let you know if there is any poor cover-ups of past problems. If you don’t know cars and you want to get an idea of what could be wrong with the car – then a pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle is absolutely essential. We can’t guarantee you’ll have no problems with the car in the future, but we can give you the peace of mind to know a mechanic has assessed the vehicle.

New car warranty

If there is still a new car warranty on the used car you are looking at, then you want to know if there iswork,whichcan still be done under that warranty. Our mobile mechanic services can assess the vehicle and advise you if there is anything remaining that you can claim under the warranty – saving you money!

Increase buyer power

If you know exactly what’s happening mechanically with a vehicle you are looking to purchase, then it increases your buying power greatly! It allows you to bargain for the price with a more informed mindset and ensures you get the right price for the car you purchase.

Benefits for sellers

Sellers can also benefit from getting a pre-purchase inspection for a used vehicle they are selling. This is a great advantage to potential buyers knowing a qualified mechanic has assessed the used car. Buyers love this, so increase the value of your resale by getting a pre-purchase inspection.

Where to get it

Contact us at A1 Pride MobileMechanics for all your pre-purchase car inspection needs across Sydney. We are mobile, so that means we go to the vehicle. No hassles!