A1 Pride Mobile Mechanics are qualified and licensed to perform log book services and service for cars under warranty.

Rebecca says:“Prideri has been regularly servicing my car over the last few years. I completely trust him as he takes the time to explain things to me and unlike past experiences with dealer workshops I don’t feel ripped off. Prideri gives great value for money. I can completely recommend him to anyone who needs an excellent, reliable mechanic. Oh and the best part is that he comes to me! So no time wasted dropping and picking up my car.”

A common concern for new car buyers is their right to have someone, other than the dealer, service the car without putting warranties at risk.

The ACCC says that under the Trade Practices Act dealers cannot limit their warranty obligations or claim the warranty is void if the vehicle is serviced by someone other than the dealer or its agent. The statutory warranty applies to new and second hand cars. A consumer expects a second hand car to run effectively without repairs although, depending on price and age, it may not be expected to last as long as, or perform to the same standard as a new car.

Where a problem arises (other than in servicing) and it is covered by the warranty, the vehicle should be taken to the dealer for repair.

Only genuine or quality parts are used. Please advise if you prefer to use only genuine parts.

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